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Hill Country Litigation offers the most reliable and accurate Mobile Notary (notary service at your location) available in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. With a scheduled appointment, you are assured that your documents will be notarized at the time and place most convenient for you.

We work closely with record retrieval companies to notarize and pick up medical and billing records from doctors' offices.  We can also scan the records to your office and/or return them via regular or overnight mail if necessary.


We understand that sometimes it is inconvenient or impossible to get to a notary. Our mobile notaries make visits to homes, jails, offices, hospitals, and hotels.  We can also provide Last Will and Testament execution at a location of your choosing.


Notarization provides assurance that the signor of the document has shown valid photo ID to a notary. We check ID carefully prior to notarization, make appropriate logbook entries and affix our stamps and seal. 


WE NOTARIZE:                                                                

  • Deads
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Loan Documents
  • Wills/Trusts
  • Estate Planning Documents
  • Any documents requiring a notary
United State Federal Courthouse San Antonio, Texas
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